We're pleased to say that we've this week added two new regions to Insight on Conflict. We recently ran a survey on the site, and were unsurprised when Pakistan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were two places that visitors were most keen to find more information on. We've therefore managed to gather information on peacebuilding initiatives in both these regions.

Our approach has been a little different in each case. For Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, we have made an agreement with the well-known Peace NGO Forum to feature the groups that are part of that their network. There are such a range of impressive groups operating there that we felt this was the most efficient way to quickly allow us to show a representative view of Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilding, and you can now find information on more than 80 different groups here.

In the case of Pakistan, we have found two new Local Correspondents, Zahid Shahab Ahmed and Gulalai Ismail. Because of the size of the country - at over 170 million people, it will be easily the largest country we feature - we feel that two Local Correspondents will better allow us to give a national range of peacebuilders. Zahid has started us off with over 20 peacebuilding organisations, which you can read more about here.

We'll be expanding these sections in the coming months, alongside other new conflict regions, so please do check back. As ever, any comments or suggestions are most welcome.

Ruairi Nolan, Insight on Conflict, 1 April 2010.