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Sudanese peacebuilder visit to London

Briefings are available with South Sudanese peacebuilder George Ngoha, local organiser of the Collaborative for Peace in Sudan. Ngoha is working on disputed border issues and also the impact of oil extraction on local conflicts. Contact john@peacedirect.org for meetings.

People’s Peacemaking Perspectives: the Lord’s Resistance Army

The People’s Peacemaking Perspectives project aims to provide analysis and recommendations based on the views of local people in conflict affected countries. This report is the latest in the series and focuses on the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Evaluating media interventions in conflict countries

This report examines evaluating media interventions in conflict countries. It begins by looking at the current state of the art and outlines guidelines for improvement.

Africa Peace and Conflict Journal: Vol 4, No 1

The latest edition of Africa Peace and Conflict Journal features articles on women peacebuilders in northern Uganda, post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone, and more.

Peace from the bottom up? The Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program

This paper from PRIO examines the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP). Focusing on the provinces of Helmand and Bahlan, the paper looks at the effectiveness and impact of the programme, and provides recommendations for its future.

Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation

The Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation has been updated with many new articles. Amongst them are:

From the Insight on Conflict blog

  • On April 22 Lord Michael Bates embarked upon a 3,500-mile walk from Olympia, Greece to Westminster, London, to promote awareness of the Olympic Truce for peace. Read more >>>
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  • The winners of the Peace Portal’s ‘Stories for Peace’ challenge. Read more >>>
  • With three women winning this year’s Nobel Peace prize, now is an apt time for American TV station PBS’s new series, Women, War and Peace, in which one of the central characters is Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee. Read more >>>
  • The Tanenbaum organisation invites you to nominate a peacebuilder who has strengthened inter-religious dialogue among communities affected by conflict. Read more >>>
  • Lyari is a little-known district of Karachi, Pakistan, where lawlessness and violence between rival gangs has paralysed the whole area. Read more >>>
  • Annet Henneman from Teatro di Nascosto talks about the documentary play Baghdad in Peace and her overall impressions of Iraq. Read more >>>