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News Roundup

  • The committee responsible for writing a transitional constitution for an independent South Sudan have produced a draft. The opposition have called it ‘dictatorial’, saying it concentrates power in the ruling SPLM party. The draft constitution also lays claim to Abyei, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir responded by warning that the North will not recognise the South if the new constitution claims Abyei, the US criticised the remarks.
  • A World Food Programme (WFP) worker was killed in an ambush in Jonglei state, South Sudan, leading to the suspension of WFP activities in 7 out of 11 counties in the state. WFP have also suspended activities in the Lakes state after the South Sudanese army commandeered a truck delivering food aid. 235,000 people will no longer receive food rations.
  • In the Darfur peace talks in Doha, UN mediators presented a draft peace agreement. The largest rebel group the Justice and Equality Movement rejected the deal completely. A smaller rebel group, the Liberation and Justice Movement supported it.
  • North Sudanese opposition leader, Hassan al-Turabi, has been released from jail without charges. He was arrested three months ago after calling for a “Tunisian-style” uprising in Sudan.
  • Elections in South Kordofan began on Monday, and are scheduled to last three days. There are fears over the consequences of a contested result, many groups such as the Carter Center have expressed concern.

News in detail:

North Sudan

Sudan Tribune: Rifts within Sudan’s ruling party topple presidential security adviser 26 Apr: Internal squabbles within North Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) have culminated in the sacking of presidential security adviser Salah Gosh, as the country’s official news agency SUNA abruptly reported at a late hour on Tuesday, citing a decree by President al-Bashir.,38707

AFP: Sudan releases Islamist opposition leader Turabi 02 May: Sudan's Islamist opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi, who helped slain Al-Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden settle in Khartoum in the 1990s, was freed on Monday after more than three months in jail.


AFP: No recognition for South Sudan if it claims Abyei - Bashir 28 Apr: Khartoum will not recognise the new state of South Sudan when it declares independence in July if it insists on claiming the disputed Abyei region, President Omar al-Bashir warned Thursday.

AFP: Sudan leader remarks 'inflame' Abyei tensions - US 29 Apr: The United States said on Thursday that comments by Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir claiming Khartoum may not recognize a new state of South Sudan "only serve to inflame and heighten tensions."

South Kordofan

Sudan Tribune: Carter Center warns over poll violence, insecurity 02 May: As polls officially opened on Monday in South Kordofan, the Carter Center expressed concerns over security deterioration in the region, urging concerned authorities to ensure “genuine and credible” process within the state.,38763

AFP: From gun to ballot box in key Sudan border state 02 May: Former civil war foes faced off in polls Monday to elect a new governor and regional assembly in Sudan's oil-producing Northern state of South Kordofan, a key battleground in the conflict.


Reuters: US lifts sanctions on major Sudanese bank 30 Apr: The United States has lifted economic sanctions on a major lender in Sudan, which has long been under a trade embargo, a U.S. administration official said on Friday.


AFP: Darfur rebels reject draft Doha accord 29 Apr: The main Darfur rebel group involved in the Doha peace talks said Thursday it "totally rejected" the draft documents submitted by UN mediators, further undermining prospects of a Sudan accord.

Sudan Tribune: LJM rebels support Doha draft agreement for peace in Darfur 30 Apr:  A Darfur rebel group, Liberation and Equality Movement (LJM) defended the draft peace agreement negotiated with the Sudanese government in Doha describing it as a reasonable agreement bringing acceptable solutions to a wide range of disputed issues.,38750

South Sudan

Reuters: South Sudan to adopt new constitution, claims Abyei 26 Apr: South Sudan's new draft constitution, to be adopted when the region becomes independent on July 9, grants President Salva Kiir another four years in power, a draft version showed, infuriating political opposition.

AFP: Draft charter 'dictatorial' - South Sudan opposition 27 Apr: South Sudan's opposition on Tuesday slammed a proposed interim constitution as "dictatorial," concentrating power in the hands of the ruling party and pushing back post-independence elections.

Reuters: South Sudan insecurity forces WFP to halt food aid 27 Apr: The U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) said on Wednesday it had suspended operations in two states in South Sudan because of insecurity, deepening the region's crisis ahead of its independence in July.