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North-South Relations

BBC: Sudan deal with South Kordofan and Blue Nile rebels 29 June: A deal has been agreed to end weeks of violence in Sudan's South Kordofan state, where Northern troops have been accused of ethnic cleansing.

AFP: North and South Sudan agree to 20 km buffer zone 30 June: North and South Sudan agreed Wednesday to set up a demilitarised buffer zone along their border days before the country splits, the African Union said, but no truce has yet been reached in South Kordofan.

AFP: US predicts Sudan secession despite violence 01 July: The United States said Friday that it expected Southern Sudan's independence to proceed without delay on July 9 despite fighting in the border state of South Kordofan and other concerns.

Bloomberg: Sudanese airstrikes probably caused civilian casualties, UN agency says 30 June: Airstrikes by the Sudanese army in the border state of Southern Kordofan from June 25 to June 28 probably caused civilian casualties, the United Nations said.

South Sudan

Guardian: Fuel shortages grip South Sudan 27 June: South Sudan is facing severe fuel shortages less than three weeks before it gains independence from the rest of the country. Many gas stations have shut down and those that remain open have people lining up overnight for fuel.

CNN: Southern Sudan to review oil contracts, minister says 03 July: Oil-rich Southern Sudan will review international contracts when it becomes independent, its minister of investment told CNN Sunday, focusing particular attention on the French company Total.


Sudan Tribune: Sudan and LJM rebels agree on the date of Darfur referendum 27 June: Sudanese government and Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) agreed to delay the referendum on Darfur administrative status for one year after the signing of a peace agreement, as others issues remain unresolved.,39344

Sudan Tribune: SLM’s Al-Nur and Minniawi establish joint alliance body 27 June: The two main factions of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Sunday announced the establishment of a joint political and military mechanism chaired by Abdel Wahid Al-Nur and Minni Minnawi.,39341

AFP: Sudan seeks $1 bn in Darfur water-for-peace bid 28 June: Sudan's government and the United Nations launched a $1-billion cash appeal Monday to help reverse the rapid decline in Darfur's water supplies, seen as one the key drivers in the region's conflict.

AFP: Sudan to appoint vice president from Darfur 29 June: Sudan's government agreed Tuesday to appoint a vice president from the war-torn Darfur region, taking a step toward satisfying a key rebel demand for greater power-sharing, state media reported.

Sudan Tribune: Bashir says no to Darfur rebels’ demand for a vice-president post 01 July: Sudanese President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir said his government did not proposals to appoint a vice-president from Darfur as part of a compromise reached in Doha between his delegation and Darfur rebels.,39389

AFP: Ethiopian peacekeeper killed in West Darfur - UN 02 July: An Ethiopian peacekeeper was killed in West Darfur and another wounded when an unidentified gunman fired at their vehicle, the joint UN-African Union mission in Sudan's war-torn region said on Saturday.

South Kordofan

BBC: South Sudan returnee train attacked in South Kordofan 27 June: A train carrying South Sudanese back home from the North has been attacked by a Northern Arab group, leaving one person dead, the UN says.

PBS: Nuba mountains not in danger of becoming another Darfur - Sudan envoy 28 June: Princeton Lyman, U.S. envoy for Sudan, told Margaret Warner this week that the Nuba Mountain region in Southern Kordofan, where Northern forces have moved in and many residents have fled, is not in danger of becoming another Darfur.

AP: UN allowed to visit looted Sudan offices 30 June: Authorities in North Sudan have allowed aid agencies to visit their looted offices in the town of Kadugli, where clashes in recent weeks have driven thousands from their homes ahead of the South's imminent declaration of independence.

AFP: Bashir orders army to 'clean' South Kordofan of rebels 01 July: Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir on Friday ordered the army to fight in South Kordofan until it has "cleaned" the border state of rebels, in a speech just eight days before the South secedes.

Ex-rebels warn of Sudan conflict over Kordofan 03 July: The Northern branch of the ex-rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement warned on Sunday that the South Kordofan conflict would spread along the country's new Southern border unless Khartoum agreed to a ceasefire.


BBC: UN authorises peacekeepers for Abyei 27 July: The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to send a 4,200-strong Ethiopian peacekeeping force to the disputed Sudanese territory of Abyei.