We have funded many website projects, Insight on Conflict is the best. Robert Adams, Fetzer Institute

Insight on Conflict is a unique resources that informs the world on the dynamic peacebuilding work of grassroots peacebuilders in conflict affected countries. The reporting by and about local efforts and the impact of such work is of tremendous benefit to promoting and advocating for positive change. Craig Zelizer, Peace and Collaborative Development Network

As I see it, donors are struggling for information such as this. The security situations in these countries mean that international staff postings are one to two years at the most. In the case of Pakistan, we go from crisis to crisis (floods, assassinations, large scale terrorist attacks) and staff are usually caught up in the reactive work that these situations generate. As a result, we struggle with transfer of institutional memory regarding credible local organisations and everyday conflict events (when analysed make sense of our bigger issues). In donor and civil society circles we also talk increasingly about bringing our efforts to together to have a greater impact on the issues we work on. People still struggle though, with making the connections and placing their initiative within the larger context of social sector work taking place. Lastly, although we admit the issues associated, due to lack of information we struggle with the "entrenched partners" phenomenon i.e. we continue to work with local organisations on our radar, rather than branching out and taking calculated risks.

In my view, the above make great selling points for Insight on Conflict. You provide local context and maps, local stories, local contacts. Invaluable! Amna Jatoi, FCO Pakistan

In my research work it may be essential to access opinions and information from local actors, but getting information about Burundi when working out of Oxford and Bangkok can be an uphill task. Insight on Conflict turned out to be a very helpful partner to this end. Both Landry and Ruairi were very  positive and forthcoming, showing genuine interest in the aspects I was researching. A heartfelt thank you to both of you. Olav Ofstad, Independent researcher and consultant

Flory was very helpful, and I truly appreciated the effort he made to travel to see me. Looking back at my notes, he provided a realistic view of how grassroots peacebuilding actors are- and are not- functioning in the DRC landscape. While he was convincing in the need to have more local-level peacebuilding/conflict transformation work, he had the critical distance to underline the lack of coordination/networks for similar NGOs in having greater impact- not only within DRC, but in the broader Great Lakes region. His contribution was helpful for me to hear some perceptions of what LPI is doing, and to understand potential gaps in the peacebuilding world of eastern DRC. Raj Rana, The Wolf Group Performance Consultants. Consulted Flory on DRC.

Your site has helped me better to understand the topics I have chosen, and I would be hard pressed to find a more active and credible publication. Student, University of Houston

You have actually been a great help to me, since I didn’t know which organisation to approach regarding my field of research, but also because I didn’t have accurate information about the situation in Burundi. In sum, the information you provided on the current situation was indispensable for my choice of location and the feasibility of my research; The organisation you have guided me towards, the Centre Jeunes Kamenge, is actually the ideal place to stay and work regarding my research on youth perspectives; it is a very friendly and great environment in the middle of the ‘quartiers’ of my interest. Moreover, the information on the current situation, but also your enthusiasm of my upcoming visit, actually made me go through with my research (even though many people advised me not to go!). So I would say you have been a crucial advisor to me! Landry Ninteretse helped Laura from the UK find a peacebuilding organisation in Burundi to research and work with.

Insight on Conflict has been of paramount importance especially as we are now in relationship with the world. Lubungu Lumenge Jacques works for the peacebuilding organisations ARMMK in DRC. After participating in the Insight on Conflict Goma Peace Exchange, Jacques has sent several updates on the world of ARMMK for Insight on Conflict.

Insight on Conflict is an extremely useful site. It is unique in providing background information on conflicts from local perspectives and a platform for insider peacebuilders to tell their stories. As such it is an invaluable help to researchers as well as practitioners. Sara Hellmüller, SwissPeace

This is great the Darfur stories on local conflict resolution are of great help to my organization this day. This is because we have series of such local conflicts here right now in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Neighbouring villages of Balikumbat and Bambalang in Ngoketunjia Division are in violent conflict over parcels of land. More than 300 houses and 2500 people especially women and children are homeless. 4 already dead on both sides.The worse is still to come. Our organization, A Common Future is planning a conflict resolution mission there and we would love to exploit the Darfur local examples as we plan to mobilize women there as peacebuilders Colbert Gwain, A Common Future, Cameroon

"When I was preparing to travel to Uganda to conduct research, I had made a number of contacts on the ground but I was unsure of the nature of their presence and work in the community. Through Insight on Conflict, I was able to obtain reliable information that allowed me to clarify some of the uncertainties that I'd had. The website also helped me connect with many other organizations; I expect this broader network to be very beneficial for not only my research but for my ability to make an impact on the community through my work and through the relationships I hope to build. I'm really looking forward to my trip, thanks in part to Insight on Conflict!" Salvator Cusimano, University of Toronto

"Thanks a million Josh and Ruairi, Much appreciated. I will indeed keep in touch if anything should materialise. I am actually doing a bit of research about campaigns/models to stop violence from other parts of the world that could be interesting to consider in an NI context. If you know of any others like Chaos Theory and CeaseFire I would be very interested to hear back from you.

"Your website is fantastic and is making me discover organisation here in Northern Ireland that I didn't know about." Raphaelle Boland , Media Researcher

"As a researcher, I found Peace Direct & Insight on Conflict to be an exceptionally efficient tools to connect with local peacebuilders in the field.  Coming from the UK to Sudan for research as part of my PhD program meant that I did not have the luxury of an established embassy or NGO working in Khartoum or Darfur.  Thus, I have relied on the contacts made through several avenues and particularly Peace Direct and Insight on Conflict.  An initial look around the organisations listed on the website lead me to contact the organisation for further information.  Within a matter of days I was put in touch with the most helpful individuals who provided me with further contacts that has greatly benefited my research.  Each organisation has been kind, helpful and most of all insightful regarding security and transitional justice in Darfur, my area of study.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for the networking and quality information Insight on Conflict has led me to." Margaret Zimmerman, PhD student