The Peace Foundation

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The Peace Foundation supports the establishment of peace and tolerance in Georgia.
Last updated: January 2018

The Peace Foundation was founded in 2015 with the aim of achieving the following goals: supporting the establishment of peace; fostering the peaceful solution of conflicts; establishing liberal values based on free society in Georgia; encouraging integration processes of Georgia with the democratic world including NATO and the European Union; protecting minority rights; strengthening tolerance in Georgia and civil integration; facilitating civic engagement and encouraging minorities to save and develop their culture.


One of the institutes of the Peace Foundation is the Caucasian Academy of Diplomacy. The Caucasian Academy of Diplomacy (CAD) is the first non-governmental, non-for-profit diplomatic academy in the Caucasus, with a mission of shaping, sharpening and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders.

Renowned for its teaching methods, international faculty and distinguished speakers, the CAD prepares diplomats, civil servants, political and social leaders, as well as representatives of businesses, academia and the non-governmental sector for the challenges of a globalising and ever changing world.

Located in the heart of the Caucasus, in Tbilisi, Georgia, the Caucasian Academy of Diplomacy derives its principles and values from the country's experience of a successful economic and political transition. It also draws inspiration from Georgia's value-oriented foreign policy.

The Peace Foundation was founded in September 2015 in order to maintain peace-supporting activities and assist to peacebuilding in the regions of Georgia, such as ethnically dense regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli.

Since foundation, the Peace Foundation has conducted meetings in many ethnically diverse villages, speaking with local populations on peace issues and assisting  in the resolution of their local problems. During this period its activities have included more than 1,000 persons.


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