Association of Women for Peace Initiatives (AFIP)

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AFIP is an organisation working to tackle issues of governance, security and peace.
Last updated: September 2016

Association of Women for Peace Initiatives (AFIP) was established in 1998 in Bamako in the context of PCASED, the mechanism of implementation of the west African moratorium on small arms. AFIP started from the observation that Malian women were profoundly affected by the crises affecting Mali in recent years.

AFIP believes that confrontations between villages over land and water have added to the insecurity plaguing Mali because of the illicit circulation of small arms and the erosion of social values. Therefore the organisation seeks to play a leading role in conflict resolution and in the fight against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons for the consolidation of peace in Mali.

The AFIP is dedicated to tackling governance, security and peace issues through:

  • Awareness raising on the problems relating to war and conflicts.
  • Strengthening skills for the resolution of conflicts and the consolidation of peace.
  • The consideration of links between peace and development.
  • Enhancing the organisational capacity of women and mobilizing action around peace and non-violence.
  • Participation in the restoration of a society based on peace and justice.

Past activities

  • Organisation of meetings with the population and local authorities under the regulation of the inter-communal conflict in the Western Sahel.
  • Establishment of a framework of exchange and partnership with parliamentarian women on issues related to social peace.
  • Organisation of days of reflection on the problem of the illicit circulation of light weapons.
  • Training in communication techniques.

Current projects:

  • Conflict prevention: enhancing the capacity of the communities in this area and promoting solidarity between associations
  • Promoting good governance and democracy.
  • Inter-community meetings in Timbuktu and Menaka.

Interviews in French with AFIP's chair, Dr Fatoumata Maigia, are available here and here.


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