Association des Jeunes Juristes et Sympathisants

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AJJSS fights to defend human rights abuses in the Sikasso region of Mali.
Last updated: December 2019

The Association of Young Lawyers of Sikasso (AJJSS) was created in 2014. Its main activities are:

  • The promotion of human rights
  • Access to Justice for All
  • Promoting peace in the Sikasso region and the rest of Mali
  • Assisting women and young people in the search for their fundamental rights

Currently, the association is in partnership with the Mali Justice project to assist in the implementation of an anti-corruption programme in the communes of Zégoua, Kouri and Hèrèmokono in the Sikasso region. This initiative aims to secure access to the main roads by commercial transporters.

Mechanisms are being developed to enable any person who is a victim of corruption to contact this organisation via a telephone number so that a member can direct him or her to the relevant legal services.

The association has also initiated exchange meetings on the peace agreement between the Malian government and the armed groups of the North to solidify the agreements reached. In the Sikasso region, it also supports any initiative to build peace through capacity building in terms of law.

How to make a donation to the organization?

To answer this question, the organisation has a bank account at the Atlantique Mali SA bank, N° ML-02001-075016200005-RIB 95.

Anyone wishing to make a donation or help the association can do so through the association's bank account or contact the organisation's managers for more information.

At this last moment the association has had difficulties due to insufficient resources and lack of partners to achieve its objectives.

As a result, the organization is seeking reinforcements in terms of technical and financial support on the current tools for the promotion of human rights because we receive several calls in this direction and we want to go beyond what we do in terms of awareness, information, orientation and accompaniment.

The year 2019 was a year in which the AJJSS went through difficult times after the premature end of the programme to fight corruption and road harassment in the region of Sikasso.

For more information we share with you the missions, vision and some of our activities carried out.


A society of peace and equity favourable to the effective civic participation of men and women in the process of sustainable development.


Sensitize and mobilize men and women on their rights and duties, promote their participation and positioning by grouping and coordinating their activities to influence development policies.

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