Association des Jeunes pour la Non-Violence (AJNV)

AJNV has worked since 2013 to promote a culture of good citizenship in Burkina Faso within the framework of its schools, colleges and universities.

Association des Jeunes pour la Non-Violence (AJNV, English: Association of Young People for Non-Violence) has worked since 2013 to promote a culture of good citizenship in Burkina Faso within the framework of its schools, colleges and universities.

Its objectives are to:

  • Promote a culture of civic values among young people
  • Stop violence in all its forms
  • Help raise awareness of tolerance, dialogue and non-violence
  • Train young people in order to promote the above
  • Advocate and raise awareness among the national authorities of the need to improve the socio-economic conditions of young people
AJNV works to prevent young people using a violence to express their anger and worries in Burkina Faso. The country has suffered from a serious socio-economic crisis for several years now, with repeated violence breaking out. At the heart of many of these destructive movements are young people. AJNV works to help these young people find another way to express their discontent. The events of October 2014, which led to the resignation of the president, Blaise Compaoré, led to the destruction of goods, property, and the deaths of several people. However, whatever the problem, AJNV works to find a non-violent solution.

In 2011, several of the people who would go on to create AJNV organised a press conference to discuss the crisis, condemn violence and appeal for calm. Some exchanges between different groups were also organised. The idea of structuring all these actions led to the creation of AJNV.


AJNV works to:

  • Create peace and monitoring clubs in schools, colleges, universities and public and private offices, with the motto "I am tolerance, dialogue and non-violence."
  • Organise peace caravans with debates and discussions, meetings and marches against violence, public conferences and film screenings, as well student-led days on how to promote non-violent dispute resolution.
These projects all aim to prevent the use of violence to settle disputes. Because of its limited means the AJNV has relatively few formal targets, but it continues to develop and work in partnership with other actors to pursue its goals.

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