Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI)

ARLPI is an umbrella organisation for the major religious denominations in Northern Uganda. Its goal is to pursue peaceful conflict resolution with the LRA.

ARLPI is an umbrella organisation of all the major religious denominations in northern Uganda (Catholic, Pentecostal, Protestant and Islamic faith groups).

Formed in 1999, the organisation's goal is to pursue peaceful resolution of the conflict with the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), and all conflicts associated with the LRA insurgency that has lasted more than two decades. Led by religious leaders, ARLPI facilitates grassroots and inter-communal reconciliation, peace and harmonious co-existence in all areas and communities of northern Uganda and beyond.

ARLPI conducts mediation, peace training and conflict resolution through peace committees set up with communities. ARLPI played a leading role in confidence building between the LRA and the Uganda government during the Juba peace talks and previous peace initiatives in northern Uganda.

Through these peace communities ARLPI mediates land disputes and other related conflicts within the communities, facilitates dialogue, and promotes customary cultural dispute resolution of conflicts.

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