Ashroy Foundation (AF)

AF works for a peaceful democratic and humanitarian Bangladesh, with an emphasis on women’s rights.

The Ashroy Foundation (AF) was established in 1995 to work for a peaceful democratic and humanitarian Bangladesh, where everyone can live with dignity.


The work of the organisation covers many areas including women’s rights, development, and food security.

One of the organisation's active projects aims to reduce the dropout rate, in particular of girls, in secondary schools. It also works to help young adults to face challenges to their development by providing necessary support.

Another of the organisation's project works to improve women’s representation in local government. It provided an opportunity for women's representatives to interact and form a plan on involving women and adolescents at grassroots level, mainstreaming gender to contribute to good governance.


Ashroy Foundation has a cultural team. Members of the team are skilled in traditional and modern arts. Through this cultural unit AF raise awareness on issues including dowries, gender-based violence, and peace-building.

The organisation works to develop and maintain contacts and nationwide connections with a variety of key governmental, non-governmental, and community service organisations and media and international bodies, to share experience, coordinate actions, exchange opinions, explore funding opportunities, identify sources of technical expertise, and enlarge the network of women activists and advocates.

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