Campaign for Good Governance (CGG)

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Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) works to advocate for good governance in Sierra Leone.
Last updated: November 2017

Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) works to advocate for good governance in Sierra Leone. CGG was established in 1996 by leaders of pro-democracy movements to protest against military rule with a view to increasing citizen participation in governance through advocacy, capacity building, and civic education in order to build a more informed civil populace and democratic state.

As the organisation's strategies have evolved, efforts have been made to increase its research and publications as an evidence based tool for governance reform interventions in the following areas:

  • Research and publication.
  • Outreach, evidence-based advocacy and campaigns.
  • Public policy input and analysis.
  • Capacity building trainings and mentoring of women leaders.
  • National and international networking and coalition building.
  • Monitoring government institutions, agencies and processes.
The vision of CGG is to ensure that 'all people in Sierra Leone will live in a participatory and people-centered democracy, where citizens are empowered to participate and have access to resources and government is accountable, responsive and transparent,...[and] Sierra Leone plays a pivotal role in promoting peace, stability and democracy in the Mano River region and the sub-region'.


Justice, security and human rights

  • The focus in this area has been the promotion of equal participation of citizens in issues that affect their rights and civil liberties;
  • Campaigning against sexual rights violations;
  • Collaboration with a network of CSOs on issues of rights violation (especially sexual rights), as well as designing adequate response mechanisms;
  • Working on issues of equal opportunities, for example, in politics and law to ensure that access to justice is affordable.


  • Implementing programmes in Transitional justice with an emphasis on the rights of victims to decent compensation, dignity, and psychological health;
  • Leading a coalition with partners for advocacy against discriminatory practices, particularly the marginalisation and exclusion of women, youth and the physically challenged;
  • Campaigning for legislation that safeguards rights (particularly those related to sexual offences), as well as undertaking monitoring of implementation.

CGG aims to achieve its goal through collaboration with like-minded partners, networks, community based organisations, women and youth groups such as Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR), Koinadugu Women Advocacy Network  (WAN), Koinadugu Womens Group (KWG), Advocacy Movement Network (AMNET), Fambul Tok Sierra Leone, traditional and religious leaders and also policy makers as a strategic partner at both the local, national regional and global level. They aim to engage and build their work on the principles of integrity, mutual respect, diligence and commitment to meet the ideals of improving the governance and democratic space of Sierra Leone.

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