Center for Democracy and Community Development

The Center for Democracy and Community Development is a non-profit Palestinian NGO based in Jerusalem.
Last updated: December 2013
Founded in 1997, the Center for Democracy and Community Development is a non-profit Palestinian NGO based in Jerusalem aimed at: disseminating the concepts and experiences of community–based participatory democracy; promoting the practices and theories of just peace in the Palestinian community of North Africa, and the countries of West Asia; encouraging the participation of marginalised groups in decision–making processes; working with children, youth, women, and community groups to improve society; developing exchange programs, research projects and policy initiatives for the purpose of community building, training ,empowerment, and rehabilitation; and coordinating with all local, regional and global institutions that conduct related work. Its objectives are:
  • To disseminate participatory democracy in Jerusalem, in Palestine society, and throughout North Africa and West Asia
  • To develop the capabilities and skills of youth, and strengthen youth's community involvement and participation
  • To disseminate the concepts and mechanisms of community development by encouraging the participation of community groups
  • To strengthen female participation in community building
  • To promote ideas of civil peace, nonviolence, and peace with others
  • To stimulate the involvement of academics and intellectuals in the community
It has 5 programmes:
  • Citizenship and human rights
  • Development of dialogue, empowerment, and community development
  • Strengthening civil peace
  • Strengthening public ethics
  • Supporting just peace

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