Centre for Cultural Relations - Caucasian House

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The Centre for Cultural Relations - Caucasian House, is a cultural, educational and peacebuilding organisation in Georgia.
Last updated: January 2018

The Centre for Cultural Relations - Caucasian House, is a cultural, educational and peacebuilding organisation. It is one of the oldest organisations in the Caucasus region. The history of Caucasian House as a union of like-minded professionals started in 1993, long before it was officially registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in 1999.


The mission of Caucasian House is to create an ideological and intellectual basis for the peaceful development and cultural integration of Georgia and Caucasus as a whole; to encourage dialogue and reduce the tension amongst different ethnic or religious groups; and to spread humanitarian and civic education.

Programs and activities

Currently, the organisation has two programs: Peace and Integration and Cultural Educational. These long-standing projects aim to encourage peacebuilding, regional development and integration processes. Currently, the organisation is involved in almost all existing dialogue formats in the region: Georgian-Russian, Georgian-Abkhazian, Gerogian-Ossetian, Georgian-North Caucasus and South Caucasus-Turkey. Undertaking development in Ukraine from 2014, Caucasian House has begun activities focusing on contributing to the transformation of conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It has organised face-to-face meetings among Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and European experts, and has also supported Ukraine's political and economic transformation by sharing the Georgian experience.n all the aforementioned projects, Caucasian House pays special attention to the new generation of experts and civil society representatives.

Research and Analysis

Besides creating space for dialogue meetings, conferences and seminars, Caucasian House contributes to processes of policy making through providing in-depth research, policy papers and analytical articles. You can read more on Caucasian House's research here.

Partners of the Caucasian House are: International Alert, George Mason University, Conciliation Resources, Boell Stiftung, Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflicts, International Black See University, University of Georgia

Donors are: Horizon Foundation, Boell Foundation, British Embassy in Tbilisi, British Embassy in Kiev, Black Sea Trust and Bosch Foundation, Polish Book Institute, Polish Embassy in Georgia, Open Society Georgia,ERM, European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia, Bread for the World Institute, Horizon Fundation

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