Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS)

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CPCS works to strengthen peace processes and increase the capacity of local peacebuilders in Asia.
Last updated: January 2020

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) is a Cambodia-based non-governmental organisation, working in the field of peace building and conflict transformation in Asia. The mission is to end violent conflict in Asia by strengthening strategic intervention into armed conflict with the overall goal of reaching sustainable and positive peace in the Asia region. The Centre is home to a range of interconnected programs and initiatives that are based on robust analyses and guided by CPCS's theory of change.

The Centre's regional programme primarily focuses on the following:

a) Influencing Asian peace processes

CPCS currently provides support to the peace process in Myanmar as well as the Government of the Philippines (GPH) - Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace process. This is achieved by serving as observers to the talks or providing trainings for key stakeholders on topics such as peace talk preparation or conflict transformation. Additionally, CPCS works to enhance inclusivity by engaging the public - including both majority groups and marginalised communities in the peace process.

b) Building capacities for conflict analysis and conflict intervention strategies

CPCS provides a range of capacity building activities for stakeholders, producing outcomes such as enhanced knowledge, skills, and networks, which can support efforts towards peace. These activities include modular course on topics such as conflict transformation and peace journalism; workshops to support liaison officers, non-state armed groups, and civil societies; and exposure visits to other conflict contexts in the region to learn about alternative strategies for achieving peace.

c) Influencing theory, policy and practice through research and publications

To influence peacebuilding theory, policy and practice, the Centre conducts research and publishes materials on emerging issues in peace processes and conflict contexts in Asia. CPCS also supports research projects of partners directly involved in conflict contexts and facilitates peace research methodology courses. Further, the findings of practitioners and researchers are disseminated through CPCS's research-based website and annual Peace Practitioners' Research Conference, which offers a unique platform for critical reflection and exchange of best practice for peacebuilding in Asia and beyond.

Much of the Centre's research and learnings are made available through publications. All publications are available online.

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