Centro de Prevención de la Violencia

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CEPREV promotes individual, family and social transformation to bring about harmony, solidarity, equity peace and progress in Central America
Last updated: February 2016

The Centro de Prevención de la Violencia (Centre for Violence Prevention, CEPREV), is an NGO founded in 1997. It aims to promote individual, family and social transformation to bring about harmony, solidarity, equity peace and progress. Its mission is to prevent diverse forms of violence in family, school, community and institutional contexts, working with an integrated prevention model that takes the multiple causes and consequences of violence into account, and supporting democratic instead of authoritarian family relations and the construction of masculinities detached from violence.


CEPREV has created and applied a model to prevent family, juvenile, school-based and institutional violence, which has helped trained 80,000 people in Central America. In Nicaragua, it has helped reduce gang violence in many areas of the capital, Managua, promoting reconciliation and social and workplace integration. Its model has been expanded and developed through workshops, conferences and talks with people representing hundreds of government, civil society, university and church groups, in Central America and the broader continent.

CEPREV has a well-developed role in the fight for the respect of human rights in the region, in particular relating to young people, preventing sexual abuse, working on gender and family issues through education, supporting the development of policies relating to the social reintegration of young people at risk, increasing the quality of services provided to survivors of violence by the state and civil society, and by raising awareness of the causes and consequences of violence and the need for preventive measures.

CEPREV has had a successful impact on various public policies in Nicaragua, including the:

  • Ley de Control de Armas Cortas
  • Plan Nacional de Prevención de la Violencia
  • Plan Estratégico de la Secretaría de la Juventud
  • Plan de Acción de la Policía Nacional
  • Plan Nacional de Desarrollo

In 2009, it obtained recognition as one of the most effective organisations working in violence prevention in Latin America in a competition organised by a group of international organisations.

CEPREV has worked with a variety of partners, including:

  • El Programa de Control de Armas Cortas y Ligeras, in Nicaragua
  • Instituto Universitario de Opinión Pública, in El Salvador
  • Instituto de Desarrollo Comunitario Agua y Saneamient and Fundación Unidos por la Vida, in Honduras
  • Asociación para la Prevención del Delito, in Guatemala

Read more about CEPREV in the Economist and El Nuevo Diario


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