Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity (CFSJE)

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CFSJE is working to build a stable and democratic Nigeria, with activities focused on development, human rights, peacebuilding, and good governance.
Last updated: December 2019

The Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity (CFSJE) is working to build a stable and democratic society in Nigeria. It was established in 2000, and it works in collaboration with many local and international partners. Its programmes and activities are focused on social development, human rights, peace building, conflict transformation, democracy and good governance, HIV/AIDS, women empowerment and civic education.

CFSJE aims at empowering women, the less privileged members of society so that they can participate in the decision-making processes that affect their livelihood and well-being.

Projects and achievements

The work of CFSJE is organised around some key thematic areas:

Peace and conflict

  • Mapping of states and local government areas affected by violence.
  • Distribution of relief materials to Internally Displaced Persons, and victims of conflicts and natural disasters.
  • The promotion of peace and fostering unity.
  • Researching, monitoring and documenting various crises in Nigeria.

Democracy and good governance

  • Monitoring of elections and voter registrations at the federal, state and local government level.
  • Building the capacity of people at the grassroots to participate in governance.
  • Campaigning against corruption.
  • Campaign against Religious and Ethnic In-balance in government's appointment 

Women and youth empowerment

  • Empowerment and skills acquisition programmes for women and young people.
  • Reduction in female genital mutilation and women rights abuses.
  • Increased participation of women and young people in politics and decision making.
  • Provide legal support to women rights defenders who resist oppression of women

Human rights

  • Providing legal support to victims of human rights abuses.
  • Monitoring and documenting human rights and social justice.
  • Provision of welfare package for inmates.
  • Pro-bono legal services to the oppressed underprivileged

Orphans and vulnerable children

  • Giving support to orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Establishment of 'Safe Space Centres' for orphans and vulnerable children at Internally Displaced Persons centres.

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