Charte de Collaboration Kayes (CCK)

CCK works to improve the participation of civil society in the development implementation of policy in Mali.

The Kayes Collaboration Charter (CCK) is an association created by actors of various status operating in the Kayes region of Mali. The objective is to maximise the contribution of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the definition and implementation of policies, strategies and development programs with public authorities, technical and financial partners.

Founding objectives

  • Promote relationships based on collaboration and solidarity between CSOs
  • Support and reinforce CSOs capacity building, dissemination of good governance and sustainable development 
  • Develop a communication strategy between CCK members and with other CSOs
  • Inform and sensitise the population and the civil society on the development problems of the Kayes region

Vision: to be an influential player in the governance and socio-economic development process of the Kayes region. 

Mission: to contribute to the improvement of the governance and the living conditions of local communities  

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