Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix (CDJP) - Moundou

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The Commission Diocésaine Justice et Paix has worked for peace and justice in Moundou since 1991.
Last updated: June 2015

The CDJP Coodinator in The CDJP Coodinator works to improve the lives of populations in petroleum areas, amongst other activities

Part of the Catholic Church, the Commission Diocésaine Justice et Paix (Diocesien Justice and Peace Commission, CDJP) in Moundou was instituted in 1991, and became active in 1995.

The vision of the CDJP, like that of the other dioceses, is to aspire to a more just and fraternal world, through truth, justice, love and peace. Its mission is to promote human dignity in a humane social order.

Its activities include:

  • Denouncing injustice.
  • Sharing the word of God with the aim of maintaining peace.
  • Developing amicable solutions and practises to solve intercommunity and family disputes.
  • Contribute to the settlement and management of conflicts.
  • Organise the celebration of the Journées Nationales de la Cohabitation Pacifique (National Days of Pacific Cohabitation, JNCP) to prevent conflicts and consolidate social cohesion.
  • Working to improve the living conditions of populations living in petroleum zones (CCDL).

All this work is done through training, campaigns to raise awareness, advocacy, involving members of the committees of the parish, the members of the committees of understanding between farmers and breeders, traditional authorities, the military and the administration, as well as representatives of the petroleum companies.

Their work is aided through the participation in sub-regional peace workshops and exchanges, especially those organised by the Justice and Peace of l’ACERAC by MISEREOR.

For more than ten years, like other dioceses, CDJP has been accompanied by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in a project called « Appui aux Commissions Justice et Paix du Tchad » (Support for the Justice and Peace Commissions). This has allowed them to achieve the following results:

  • Supporting cotton farmers in excercising their rights.
  • Contributing to solving many family conflicts amicably.
  • Reducing the frequency of collective punishment and arbitrary arrest.
  • Ensuring local residents near petroleum sites will benefit from equitable compensation without losing any to corruption (without losing the "10%" to local village leaders)

Currently, the CDJP is putting in place a new project supported by CRS which is based on 4 strategic areas:

  1. Transforming unjust systems and structures to promote human rights and consolidate social cohesion. To this aim, 8 activities are planned.
  2. Improving governance in the management of property for the purpose of promoting the rule of law and transparent management of common property. To this aim, 11 activities have been planned.
  3. Increasing the participation of women and young people in society and in the Church. The aim here is to promote the respect of documents relating to the protection and the rights of women and children, and encouraging their participation in activities for peace and justice. In this area, they have planned 4 activities.
  4. Improving the institutional capacities of the CDJP and their partners. In this area, 5 activities have been planned.

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