Compassion CBO

Compassion CBO conducts advocacy on women's and children's issues in Kenya.

Compassion CBO has worked since 2005 to overcome poverty in Kenya through education and sustainable development. In particular, it conducts advocacy on women's and children's issues, and a wide range of projects also working on health, enterprise and human rights.

Main projects

  • Working to raise awareness of the human rights situation of oppressed women and girls.
  • Advocating for save abortion and access to contraceptive for women and girls.
  • Eradication of Female genital mutilation  (FGM) among girls and women.
  • Educating women, children and youth on their rights as provided in Kenya's constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Promoting education for children in poverty through school sponsorship and feeding programmes.
  • Working to eradicate poverty through adult education, jobs, and tackling illiteracy.
  • Working on health issues including HIV/Aids and preventable diseases.
  • Helping to stop child labour, forced marriage and genital mutilation.
  • Establishing schools, orphanages and centres to help street children reintegrate with the community.


  • Compassion CBO's Children's Centre hosts around 300 orphans and vulnerable children from different slums in Nairobi. They are fed and go to school, arriving in the morning and leaving at night.
  • Helping or facilitating 20 women’s groups in the slums start to start pig farming, bee keeping, and garden projects, among others, in and around Nairobi. In the Eastern Province, it works with four groups, working on banana farming and training girls how to sew and knit. In a further two groups,
  • Compassion works to eradicate female genital mutilation in Tharaka-Nithi, also in the Eastern Province, where it has helped protect over 600 girls.
  • Community outreach on HIV issues. Compassion provides counselling, home-based care, nutritional support, referral to specialist doctors and help for support groups for those suffering from HIV/Aids.

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