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Conscience Organization for Peace and Human Rights works towards building a comprehensive and lasting peace in Yemen.
Last updated: May 2018

Conscience Organization for Peace and Human Rights is based on the idea that through media awareness we can spread a collective comprehension about the outcomes and consequences of civil wars, and also about the cost of these wars for Yemeni people and their interests, since civil wars are associated with high costs, major disruption, refugee flows, persistent violence, economic dislocation ,and breakdown in civil society . As well as the cost of internal conflicts and their impact on Yemeni national and his future and identity , in order to build a modern society far from the slogans of the parties involved in the conflicts.

The organization also seeks to establish the principles and culture of human rights in Yemen on both thought and practice, and non-discrimination among citizens based on race, language, religion or sex, and work on the elimination of racial discrimination.

Conscience Organization for Peace and Human Rights works to empower the democratic process in Yemen, to form a completed and balanced model based on spreading freedom ,assuring political pluralism, respect for the rule of law, and ensuring the right to economic, social and cultural development, through the implementation of a number of programs and activities in various regions of Yemen. Conscience organization aims to serve the community respecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms. Promoting the importance of international conventions and the International Covenant rights and international rights and peace, promoting the freedoms and fundamental rights free of discrimination based on race , sex , including principles such as dignity, freedom, justice, equality, tolerance and respect .


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