Corporación Humanas – Centro Regional de Derechos Humanos y Justicia de Género

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Humanas Works to identify the different forms of discrimination and violence suffered by women in Colombia and to use that analysis to develop strategies of advocacy, training, and awareness raising aimed at reducing that violence.
Last updated: December 2019

The Corporación Humanas was founded in 2005 as a research centre with a focus on responding to the situation for women in terms of human rights, International Humanitarian Law and gender rights in a context of war. Humanas works to identify the different forms of discrimination and violence suffered by women in Colombia and to use that analysis to develop advocacy, training, and awareness raising strategies to reduce that violence.


The work of Humanas includes an observatory to monitor compliance with state obligations to guarantee the rights of women and girls, the publishing of reports on context and socio-judicial research, direct accompaniment to women and girls who have been victims of abuse, the development of practical workshops, as well as offering technical advice at a national level, including in regard to the inclusion of a gender focus in peace talks.

Humanas has carried out research projects which have identified obstacles preventing women from accessing justice, and has enabled the development of recommendations to ensure the right to a life free from violence. Humanas has developed training workshops and disseminated the results of its investigations across public judicial structures to ensure a more informed approach to its work.



  • Supporting the development of public policies in Colombia with a focus on the issue of gender.
  • Observing, empowering and informing to ensure the development of peace with a focus on gender.
  • Accompanying victims of sexual violence committed by armed groups in the regions of North Santander and Magdalena.
  • Attending to the protection of female victims of sexual violence.
  • Promoting alternative justice measures for women guilty of drug-related crimes.
  • Accompanying the peace process with an emphasis on the needs of women in each of the points being discussed.

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