Asociación Integral de Desarrollo - Efraín Bámaca

Asociación Integral de Desarrollo 'Efraín Bámaca' addresses the needs of families and former guerrillas affected by the conflict in Guatemala.

Asociación Integral de Desarrollo 'Efraín Bámaca' (Association for Integral Develpoment - 'Efraín Bámaca') was founded in 1998 as a committee to negotiate with the Guatemalan Housing Fund in order to buy land for former guerrillas. The committee grew to address more needs of the families affected by the conflict.

The association focuses on helping families of which the head of household was formerly part of the guerrilla forces. Citing homelessness as a major concern for former guerrillas, it has managed to buy land for a number of families of victims of the conflict and continues to work with more families. Other programmes offered by the Association include employment assistance for victims of the conflict and scholarship management for their children.

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