FODDE acts as a mediator between communities in conflict over resources in Senegal, helping to find consensual solutions.

FODDE is the initiative of people committed to the economic, social and cultural development of their country, coming from different parts of the Senegalese civil society.

If FODDE's actions are essentially located in the southern region of Senegal, the pan-Africanist vision of the association, clearly affirmed, obliges us to get involved as well in the development of the sub-region.

Our most visible development actions (water, agriculture, breeding, fish farming, product processing, health, hygiene, sanitation) are just pretexts to show the communities that they have in themselves the potentialities and the ability to change their life situation, a condition sine qua non for the relevance and effectiveness of any external support. That is why development education, leveraged by education for economic, social and political citizenship, remains our main lever for action.

Our conviction and our fight is that it is possible to build a world of peace and justice through mutually beneficial economic exchanges, solidarity between peoples, dialogue of cultures: "we must exchange for enrichment, and change each other ... »

FODDE staff is directly involved in conflict resolution, mediation, conflict prevention, and the organization of Days of Culture for Peace.

FODDE's main areas of work are: Agriculture, Hydraulics, Gender Equity, Environment, Culture and Communication, Hygiene and Sanitation

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