Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan (FWNGO)

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FWNGO works for the consolidation and strengthening of a women's movement towards gender equality and empowerment.
Last updated: October 2016

The Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan (FWNGO) was established in 1994 for the consolidation and strengthening of a women's movement towards gender equality and empowerment. It works to increase women's participation in Kyrgyz public life through NGOs.

As part of its mission, FWNGO contributes towards the development of women's NGOs, strengthening an active network across Kyrgyzstan and in Central Asia to promote the integration of women's activist into the global effort for women's rights.


The organisation brings together more than 85 NGOs in Kyrgyzstan for various missions. It is a founder and regional coordinator of the Central Asian Forum of Women's NGOs, and a member of AWID, APWW, APWLD, RoA, APRN, Karat Coalition and VAW monitors network. Main areas of the Forum's activity include:

  • The development of women's networking and training.
  • Advocacy and lobbying on women's issues.
  • The provision of complex consultative services to all organisations and private individuals dealing with gender issues.
  • The publication of a newsletter for women.
  • The protection of human rights.
  • The development and implementation of educational training programmes.
  • The promotion of women's advancement.
  • The organisation and holding of conferences, workshops and seminars.

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Main project

The project 'Women Building Peace', funded by the European Union, involved conducting training workshops based on the UN resolution by the Security Council in 1325. The training was attended by about fifty representatives of women's organisations and government agencies in Chui oblast in the centre of the country.

The main objective of this project is to increase women's capacity and their role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Krygrz Republic. Target beneficiaries include women's organisations, women's groups, and their members. The main beneficiaries are local communities at high risk of conflict, as well as representatives of local authorities and civil society.

FWNGO expects to achieve the following results:

  • Increased advocacy capacity of women's organisations, as well as an increase in their contribution to the implementation and monitoring of national plans for achieving gender equality and the aims of the UN resolution 1325.
  • The development and implementation of mechanisms for an early warning network (EWS) which will include gender-sensitive indicators.
  • The participation of women's groups in peacebuilding processes in conflict zones in southern Kyrgyzstan.

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