Freedom Equality Peace Society (FEPS)

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FEPS aims to increase the inclusion and capabilities of young people in building peace and democracy in Sudan.
Last updated: February 2015

The Freedom Equality Peace Society (FEPS) was established to combat the exclusion of young people from decision-making by giving them skills in decision-making and leadership and opportunities to demonstrate and use those skills. FEPS seeks to empower young people to be ‘Defenders of Democracy’.

FEPS uses the approaches co-operation, solidarity and integration at local, national and international levels. It has established membership and networks with other NGOs and international organisations.

Fundamental to FEPS's approach is the use of young people’s energy to develop and improve their communities. Membership is open to everyone who shares its values. FEPS's objectives are:

  • To work for peacebuilding, peacemaking and peacekeeping.
  • To spread human rights and peace culture.
  • To improve the role of and empower women in the community.
  • To urge youth in developing their communities.
  • To disseminate the concept of democracy and good governance among people.
  • To combat bad practices that affect women’s and children’s health.
  • To eradicate poverty.
  • To rehabilitate areas affected by wars, disputes and natural disasters;.
  • To achieve the objectives of integrated rural development by social, medical and cultural mobilisation.
  • To prepare and develop research projects and studies which allign with the objectives of the society.
FEPS has published several training manuals on conflict resolution, leadership skills, democracy, and gender and human rights. It has also established monthly meetings on a range of different subjects related to peace, and has developed workshops for young people on peacebuilding and democracy. It has learnt that, after 21 years of suffering due to the civil war, a lot of work is needed among young people for reconciliation and to build a modern Sudanese state. FEPS hopes to spread this initiative to all parts of Sudan.

Freedom Equality Peace Society (FEPS) is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It was established in 1999 and registered with HAC.

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