Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

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Fund of Women Entrepreneurs works on improving women's rights, education and economic empowerment, in Georgia.
Last updated: July 2018

Fund of Women Entrepreneurs is a non-commercial (non-profit) legal entity. The organization has been working on improving women's (IDPs, young girls, women below the poverty line) rights, education and economic empowerment, since 2003.

Their working group consists of 15 members: 11 women and 4 men.


  • Support strengthening of women's civil capacity and their active involvement in decision-making process;
  • Support women's development to achieve economic independence;
  • Increase opportunities for integrating IDP women and local minorities into the local community;
  • Promote women's involvement in the peace process;
  • Support probationers, former inmates and their family members in the integrated teaching and employment process.

Target Groups:

IDPs (women and men), local population living below poverty line, young people, national minorities, probationers, former inmates (women, men).

  • Residents of conflict regions;
  • Residents of mountainous regions;
  • Local government structures;
  • LEPL Centre for Crime Prevention;
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia;
  • Civil society (NGOs, society, community activists, deputies);
  • Mass Media

 In order to achieve its goals FWE will determine the following objectives in 5 directions:

  • School for Women: Women's employment and women's involvement in the political decision-making processes has increased through the development of their professional and personal knowledge and skills.
  • Women's economic empowerment: The economic situation of poor women is enhanced by promoting their involvement in small business.
  • Mountainous Region Program: Women's initiative groups influence the politics of  local self-government structures to meet the needs of community and  specific women. Small business is established to generate income and create jobs.
  • Research, Advocacy, Networking: Labor rights are strengthened and working conditions are improved.
  • Mentorship Program: The model of mentorship is well settled and recognized in public and local governmental structures. Mentors are well trained and well equipped for their work. Young adult women and men are supported to  find jobs and manage their lives.

Services and activities

  • School for middle-age Women (Kutaisi, Poti), where they, absolutely free of charge, can increase their skills in the following professions: English, computer, accounting ,office management ;
  • Sustainable development of women in the mountainous region ,where initiative groups, created by the women from high mountainous regions of Tsageri, are trained in demanded professions. They are actively involved in local self-government work, reveal and advocate problems .
  • Developing Mentor Skills - Beneficiaries from Imereti Region (apprentices) will be able to choose the right professional direction as a result of the mentor's influence and solve their problems in the local self-government .
  • Public Relations and Advocacy - Free legal consultations are offered for beneficiaries in Imereti and Samegrelo regions. We address the problems of the indigenous population of Imereti region and conduct their advocacy. We develop legislative initiatives aimed at improving women's rights.
  • The organization regularly takes part in the events dedicated to the International Day of Peace, "One Day of Peace", provides information campaigns that are frequently covered by local TV.

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