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BogotArt aims at promoting democracy in Colombia by providing free access to art.
Last updated: May 2017

BogotArt is a social venture founded in September 2013, dedicated to promoting a more democratic world by providing free access to arts to marginalized communities in Colombia and engaging at-­risk youth in cultural endeavors.

Using the public space as its main arena of work, BogotArt co-­creates art in conjunction with community members and delivers free art and creativity workshops to children and youth that normally do not have access to these opportunities.

Thier ultimate goal is to use arts as a catalyst of social equality, whereby all the individuals, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background can find a space to thrive and fully develop their talents and use them to improve society.

BogotArt’s work has been recognized during the 2014 World Cities Days, where a video of the organisation was shown portraying how the arts could help to promote social inclusion in urban settlements. At the same time, BogotArt joined the World Urban Campaign as an associate partner in 2016 and its proposal ArTourism was selected as one of the Urban Solutions in the field of land, housing and service, as well as in the field of health and safety. In 2016, BogotArt was invited to present its DemocrArtization approach at a lab at the World Forum for Democracy. It was explained how arts can play an important role in creating more inclusive, equal and participatory communities and learning environments, especially for young people at risk.

BogotArt impacts nearly 100 people directly through its workshops and activities and also more than 3000 people indirectly by helping to improve the social marginalization and image of neighbourhoods.

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