Grassroots Reconciliation Group

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GRG provides opportunities and helps rehabilitate former child soldiers and their home communities in northern Uganda.
Last updated: November 2017

GRG’s goal is to facilitate the reintegration of former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ex-combatants in northern Uganda, and promote long-term reconciliation and development through holistic, culturally appropriate and locally designed projects.

Our approach

GRG firmly believes in a bottom-up approach where solutions to local problems lie with those who face the problem. Through this approach GRG has achieved its objectives by supporting groups to identify and implement their own solutions to local problems making the beneficiaries agents of change in their own communities.

The people we serve

With the 20 year long war against the Lord Resistance Army (LRA), northern Uganda experienced extreme levels of violence in the form of abductions, displacement, deaths, and the destruction of towns, families ties, and livelihoods. Though the LRA has not been active in northern Uganda since 2006, people affected by the war continue to return to their ancestral homes. With their continued return there is a huge manifestation of high levels of trauma coupled with a lack of sustainable forms of livelihood. GRG through its approach facilitates the reintegration and reconciliation of this vulnerable demographic by engaging them in livelihoods, trauma support, Community Theater, and community microfinance among other projects to foster reconciliation.

Our activities

From the bottom-up approach, our activities are categorized in five program areas


We support groups with inputs for a range of agricultural and non-agricultural activities, along with training and market linkage facilitation. The group approach to livelihoods ensures that in addition to increased income and skills, group members have the practical opportunity to learn cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving.

Community microfinance and Entrepreneurship

Village savings and loans schemes provide group members with a safe place to save and access to investment capital, while building trust and cooperation.

Trauma support

We support groups in a range of locally designed trauma support initiatives, including one-on-one counselling, group trauma psychoeducation, and the facilitation of traditional cleansing rituals.

Cultural activities

Activities such as traditional dance, sport, or adult education have been used to respond to community problems like alcoholism and cultural decay, while promoting confidence and cooperation.

Functional adult Education

Owing to the LRA war, a generation of people grew into adulthood without the opportunity to pursue education. GRG facilitates adult literacy programs to help community members start and operate small scale businesses.   


Through its beneficiary groups, GRG has helped community members to confront on-going legacies of conflict, and other social problems as they arise. This has been achieved through group therapy on stigmatization, sensitization about issues like land conflict, and community theatre to promote empathy and the development of conflict resolution skills

By the facilitating groups of 20-40 people to work on the above activities, GRG continues to contribute to reintegration and reconciliation in northern Uganda.

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