Inclusive Friends


Inclusive Friends advocates for the mainstreaming of disability programmes at all stages of the peacebuilding efforts in Nigeria.

Last updated: October 2021

Inclusive Friends is run for and by people with disabilities. It works to bring disability to the heart of peacebuilding and development efforts in Nigeria through advocacy, training and action. Based in Plateau State, the group is passionate about removing barriers that limit the full participation of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding and community development. Inclusive Friends strives to promote the topics of peace and security to families which will help contribute to long-term stability and prosperity in Nigeria. In several conflicts, such as those in the northern states of Nigeria, the organisation believes that parents play a key role in productive peace negotiations and post-conflict reconstruction.

Major achievements

  • Advocacy on mainstreaming disability programmes into peacebuilding efforts in Nigeria.
  • Awareness programmes and campaigns to increase participation of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding efforts in Plateau State.
  • Conducted a research study on the impact of violent conflict on women with disabilities in Jos, Plateau State.
  • Provided support for women with disabilities to contest elections in Plateau State, aimed at inspiring more women with disabilities to participate in politics.
  • Establishment of a support group that provides hope, encouragement and support for over 40 women with disabilities affected by conflicts in Plateau State.
  • Construction of 20 toilets in schools for children with visual impairment in Plateau State.

In 2013, Inclusive Friends organised a one-day interactive session on gender-based violence with over 50 women with disabilities drawn from ten local government areas across Plateau State. The purpose of the forum was to raise awareness on the increasing prevalence of violence against women with disabilities. With help from Inclusive Friends, people with disabilities are raising their voices for peace in Nigeria both at home and in religious, social and public places. They are promoting the benefits of giving peace a chance. “Experience has shown that when violence occurs, persons with disabilities are the major victims because of the challenges they face,” said Nyiri, a 38-year old woman with visual impairment, and a member of the support group at Inclusive Friends. More than 30 women like Nyiri meet every fortnight to draw strength and share their experiences and lessons on living fulfilling lives as women with disabilities in Plateau state, a deeply divided society.

The "Think Me" project was implemented by Inclusive Friends with support from Search for Common Ground Nigeria between March-May 2015 in Plateau State. It was a non-violence campaign that sought to contribute to the strengthening of democratic processes in Nigeria through the prevention of electoral violence and improvement of equal and accessible participation of Persons living with Disabilities in the 2015 general elections. The project adopted an innovative approach to community mobilization through the use of participatory theatre, town hall meetings, capacity building for political actors, and media engagement in mobilizing communities for action.

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