International Center for Assault Prevention (ICAP)

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The International Center for Assault Prevention, known as ICAP, is a 40 year old international prevention program with its central headquarters located at the Located at Camden County College in Blackwood, New Jersey. ICAP works with local people who desire to advocate and protect children by starting a CAP project in their town.
Last updated: April 2019

ICAP was has been planting CAP (Child Assault Prevention) Projects globally for the last 40 years. These primary prevention education projects with a human rights emphasis are extremely culturally competent as they utilize local individuals to train local schools - staff, parents and children in reducing bullying, peer violence, stranger abduction and know adult sexual, physical and verbal assault. Over 10 million children have been trained in the life saving strategies through CAP Projects in 16 Countries and 15 US States. New Jersey CAP (NJCAP), is where the CAP program headquarters resides, trains 100,000 students annually with statewide projects funded through the Department of Children and Families, has contributed to strengthening families and made participating schools safer places throughout the state. In NJCAP's last program statistic year, over 5,000 students reported getting help with situations of bullying and 160 children that were being abused were able to have intervention to bring support into their lives to end the violence. In the island of Dominica, our project is delivered by the East Dominica Children's Federation and they have been using CAP to teach not only children anti-violent strategies to prevent abuse but also have encouraged the end of corporeal punishment replacing it with other positive relationship building management. In Republic of China, CAP is delivered by the Distinct Healthcare Clinics and have been raising awareness of bullying and inter-personal violence since 2016 and have seen significant changes and support of the program and expansion into 7 provinces. ICAP has been working along with NJCAP for many years but currently has a development grant to make it a stand along center. All contributions to that end will be appreciated. We already have many projects that we have trained but need ongoing support and sustainability.

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