Institute for Peace and Transitions (IPT)

IPT works on issues around community integration, and cross-community reconstruction of areas destroyed during the post-election violence in Kenya.

Institute for Peace and Transitions (IPT) works on issues around community integration, and cross-community reconstruction of areas destroyed during the post-election violence in Kenya. They also promote peaceful co-existence between the different tribes. And train young people on basic life, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Central to the work of IPT are tolerance and understanding of Kenya's multi-cultural and multi-ethnic situation.

To achieve their goals IPT supports the process of self-discovery for young people, they support them in finding their strengths and how they can work towards a more peaceful society. One way is find common needs and community projects to bring the youth to a better understanding of each other and to help them build a sense of community. IPT works in cooperation with provincial peace initiatives and they are networking the communities with international peace forums to reach their goals. IPT believes it is important to work with the people on the grassroots level.

IPT is working for local target groups such as the provincial administration, local professionals, community leaders, women and youth as well as other local organizations. These target groups show that IPT is working with leaders in one or the other way to reach a wider range of people to assure a peaceful and respectful society, to reach rural places and to promote peace all around Nakuru area. The projects that they support and conduct are based on values such as respect for all, empowerment of women and other oppressed groups, accountability, openness and partnership between different tribes and social groups.

An example of the work of IPT is a project conducted in Kiambogo/Nakuru in cooperation with World Vision. In this project 25 community leaders were brought together for a workshop on peacebuilding and conflict management.

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