Jeunesse et Horizons

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Jeunesse et Horizons is a young people's cultural organisation, based in north-western Tunisia.
Last updated: March 2015

Jeunesse et Horizons (Youth and Horizons) is an NGO association founded in 2011. The majority of its members are students and recent graduates. It is based in Tabarka, a small town in northwestern Tunisia, a deprived area where it is hard even to find music venues.Jeunesse et Horizons wants to offer the younger generations places and spaces in which to encounter, discover and exchange cultural and artistic views. It overall goal is to foster an openness to the world in children and young people.

Image credit: Jeunesse et Horizons Image credit: Jeunesse et Horizons

Starting by creating debate, photography and drawing clubs, Jeunesse et Horizons now trains and educates young people, equipping them with the know-how and expertise needed for their development.

The association has two main aims. First, it seeks contribute to the personal and community development of young Tunisians by:

  • Raising awareness of their community role and sense of citizenship.
  • Developing their critical thinking, research and co-working skills, learning democracy within groups.
  • Organising conferences, workshops and training seminars for help spread its work.
Second, it aims to promote and disseminate culture and art in Tunisia, by:
  • Encouraging and assisting cultural initiatives, promoting cooperation and dialogue.
  • Encouraging contacts between private enterprise and public authorities, and collaborating with other organisations that share the same objectives.
  • Participating in civil action and patriotic, folk and social demonstrations.
  • Promoting foreign language activities and openness to other cultures.
Third, it aims to protect Tunisia's natural and cultural environment, by:
  • Raising awareness of the natural and archaeological wealth of the region.
  • Organising and participating campaigns to protect the environment and cultural history of Tunisia.
Image credit: Jeunesse et Horizons Image credit: Jeunesse et Horizons

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