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Kabonketoor brings together women from all ages, social categories and religious confessions, working for peace in the Casamance region of Senegal.
Last updated: December 2017

Kabonketoor ("to mutually excuse", in the Diola language) takes its name from women-led reconciliation and forgiveness meetings held in Casamance conflict resolution process. Kabonketoor is an apolitical association bringing together women from all ages, social categories and religious confessions, working for peace in the region.

Kabonketoor's key areas of work are:

  • Peacebuilding and the management and prevention of conflict in Casamance.
  • Support to community socioeconomic development and social reintegration for victims of conflict.
  • Support for socioeconomic independence for and political participation of women in local governance.

Women receive no financial support for leading Kabonketoor's awareness-raising work, in order to ensure their independence towards the government and the MFDC, preferring to bring contribute what they can in kind.

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Kabonketoor works on awareness-raising, the dissemination of information, the establishment of contacts, mediation with conflict-affected populations and conflict actors, and advocacy around women's rights. It has also worked on the social and economic reintegration of displaced peoples, including supporting the establishment of income-generating activities.

Kabonketoor as an organisation has worked with Concern Universal, Oxfam GB, the US and Dtuch Embassies, GIZ and Oceanium.

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