Medenine Book Club

The Medenine Book Club organises organises regular events to support personal, social and societal development.

Medenine Book Club aims to use books to support the development of young people.

It organises monthly meetings to help:

  • Motivate people to read and make it an entertaining act.
  • Resist a culture of addiction to television and negative ways of using the internet.
  • Strengthen language, imagination, memory, writing, public speaking and self-evaluation skills.
  • Develop public and positive relationships.
  • Contribute to the development of humanitarian values and skills.
Its activities include:
  • Meetings to read and discuss books.
  • Signing ceremonies for writers and authors to sign their books and discuss their latest work.
  • Reading challenges.
  • Meetings to watch cultural movies.
  • Charity works.
The Club considers its work to support peacebuilding in Tunisia because many of its speakers and participants deliver speeches related to peace and development in Tunisia. Books are often also presented on how to improve Tunisian society by spreading a local and national culture of peace. The Club has also supported many cultural events in Medenine with the aim of showing art instead of violence.

Read more about Medenine on facebook and Oximity (Arabic).

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