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Media Gate Foundation is a development organisation offering media services for NGO's in Sana'a.
Last updated: July 2015

Media Gate Foundation is a regional development NGO based in Sana'a. It was established in 2009 to offer media services for NGOs, and to issue guides and directories.

The main office of the foundation is located in Sana'a and it has branches in Algeria, Tunis and Libya. It carries out activities including training courses for the media officers of many NGOs, and has also issued the first guide (Khatwah) for NGOs and INGOs situated in Sana'a in 2010.


Developing a moment, and building the future.


To achieve the ultimate goal of being a leader in the field of media.


To improve the role of media through which NGOs can get their specific message across to communities.

egreg Media Gate Foundation works to strengthen the role of civil society in Yemen by publishing a monthly magazine focused on community issues and peacebuilding. Image credit: Media Gate Foundation


  • Strengthen the role of media of NGOs in order to contribute to their mission and enhance their function of serving local societies.
  • Promote the capacities of the media officers of NGOs.
  • Create networking and cooperation between NGOs through training courses, websites, social media channels, and magazines.
  • Create social awareness in order to reinforce and deepen the basis and principles of democracy, human rights and freedom.
  • Encourage a spirit of patriotism, transparency, and voluntary business.

Activities from 2009-2015

  • Implemented a training course highlighting the role of public information officers in civil society organisations, raising awareness of the concept of peaceful coexistence and peacebuilding in the community and establishing the principle of gender (2009-2010).
  • Created a directory of organisations working in the Secretariat of the capital with a view to creating a network and a link between the organisations and the deployment of peacebuilding and peaceful coexistence.
  • Implemented a training course on the impact of conflict on children.
  • Creating an email network including more than 1000 members from international organisations, local organisations, private parties, companies and businessmen (2011-2012).
  • Holding a meeting day for the active organisations which honoured ten organisations that have contributed to the deployment of peace coexistence and peacebuilding initiatives.
  • Publishing a monthly magazine that provides news of international and local organisations, community issues, and peacebuilding work.
  • The programme continues to work with its three specialised courses in television, press and the arts.

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