Mouvement des Jeunes pour la Paix et l'Integration (MJPI)

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MJPI specialises in cross-border work between Guinea Bissau and Senegal, in particular managing the joint space.
Last updated: December 2017

Mouvement des Jeunes pour la Paix et Intégration (Movement of Young People for Peace and Integration, MJPI) supported in the 2000s the creation of the AJPC Associacao dos Jovens para a promoçao da Paz en Guinée Bissau (The Association of Young People for Peace in Guinea Bissau). The two sister organisations have formalised their joint work for integration and social cohesion on both sides of the border.

MJPI specialises in cross-border work, in particular managing the joint space. Through the Cambaju and Salikegne cross-border committees, MPJI has promoted the renovation of health centres and weekly markets, the collective management of rice valleys and livestock rearing, and community management of forests. Cross-border zones are also co-developed and protect through collaboration with residents and technical services on both sides of the border.

MJPI has contributed to an increase in solidarity, the development of decentralised rural banking structures, nutritional development for families, and economic capacities of women, which is reflected in better school results for their children.

The improvement of the conditions for women can also be seen in their better access to the land and in their less dependent social position. MPJI also contributes to the fight against FGM.

MJPI has promoted a complementary cross-border approach, working with the administrative, religious and traditional authorities in the villages. This has allowed MPJI to contribute to the local prevention and management of conflicts.

MJPI has also been able to act in mediation contributing to conversations with separatist fighters of the MFDC and contributing to the resettlement of villages abandoned as a consequence of the conflict in Casamance. MJPI has supported the creation of agreements for joint access to forest resources, and to cohabitation for the shared management of cross-border fields.

Cross-border management work has also seen a reduction in robberies.

MJPI has worked with Oxfam GB, USAID, Enda Diapo, ECOWAS, AIDA and Senegalese regional development agencies.

Read more on the MJPI on Reseau Rafal.

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