Multikultura promotes youth activism, participation and interethnic tolerance in Macedonia.

Multikultura is well-established civil rights organisation promoting youth activism, participation in decision making processes and developing cultural and interethnic tolerance and cooperation in Macedonia.


The organisation's two primary goals include reducing ethnic divisions and improving participation in decision making processes.

They aim to reduce ethnic divisions by:

  • Strengthening the capacity of ethnic communities;
  • Promoting cultural and ethnic diversity;
  • Active involvement of young people in various multicultural activities;
  • Advocating for law-regulated and free society.
They strive to improve citizen's engagement in decision making processes by:
  • Developing strategic documents for local institutions with the purpose of articulating citizens’ needs and rights;
  • Strengthening cooperation between NGOs and local institutions;
  • Building trust through civic activism.



Since its establishment, Multikultura has been working toward protecting the cultural identity of various nationalities in Macedonia through a number of tailored activities.

During 2012, Multikultura worked in cooperation with the Municipality of Tetovo’s Public Affairs Department, representatives of local cultural authorities and representatives of Tetovo-based organisations. Together, they established a team with the aim of improving the capacity of employees in cultural institutions in Tetovo and developing a strategy and action plans for promoting culture in Tetovo.

Persons with disabilities and Roma education

Multikultura has included an educational component into its activities, with a particular focus on people with disabilities and Roma, as the most marginalised groups in Macedonia.

The organisation actively follows the state-led policies on Roma issues, as well as the objectives of Roma Decade 2005 - 2015 and the National Strategy for Roma in Macedonia.


In cooperation with OSTProjekt and with the support of NCBI Washington, Multikultura is working on anti-corruption and anti-discrimination programmes.

Youth policy

Multikultura organizes a variety of activities specifically tailored for young people, such as open debates, group discussions and youth campaigns. The goal is to engage young people from all Tetovo-based high schools and universities. These activities help and ultimately encourage young people to engage in decision-making processes, both locally and at the higher level.

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