National Peace Academy

National Peace Academy raises public awareness of the meaning and value of peacebuilding and everyone’s role in it.

The mission of National Peace Academy is to provide, catalyze, and make accessible holistic and integrative learning and research for peace, and to elevate in the public consciousness the meaning and value of peacebuilding and everyone’s role in it.

In carrying out this mission, the National Peace Academy conducts programs, activities, and operations that are:

  • Principle-based in everything it does, the National Peace Academy strives to embody and reflect the principles and processes of peace, both internally and externally.
  • Comprehensive.National Peace Academy education programs are trans-disciplinary in scope and integrate, inform, and are informed by peace learning, peace education, peace research, peace practice, and peace policy.
  • Collaborative.The National Peace Academy works through and with existing and emerging institutions and programs in government, business, and civil society.
  • U.S.-focused,The National Peace Academy orients its programs nationally while networking globally.

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