NAYMOTE is a leading Liberian grassroots organisation promoting democracy, peacebuilding, human rights, and civic engagement.

Since its establishment in 2001, NAYMOTE has worked for the promotion of democracy, peacebuilding, human rights, community and civic engagement. It operates in four counties, targeting mainly out-of-school youths, students, women, and local authorities.

NAYMOTE builds its work around the following pillars of civic engagement:

EDUCATE:  Strengthen  young people's capacity to make informed choices, and to execute those choices to ensure a fair governance process.

EMPOWER: Develop what is best in young people - their vision, creative power, and drive to make their  society an inclusive, sustainable place for themselves and future generations.

ENGAGE:  take young people on in new roles address issues that are relevant to them and influence real outcomes.

Through community organisation and civic engagements, NAYMOTE has empowered youth leaders to advocate for positive change at the local government levels, resolve conflict peacefully, ensure vibrant community-based organisations, strengthen partnerships between youth and local government leaders, and promote disabled and female participation in the political fabric of Liberia.

Through the Liberia Peace Building Program, NAYMOTE collaborated with the Young Men Christian Association, the Federation of Liberian Youth, Fore-runners for Children’s Universal Rights for Survival (FOCUS) and the Movement for the Defense of Human Rights to address issues such as conflict resolution and peacebuilding. They achieved this by providing lectures on human rights and employed conflict mediation and negotiation techniques to sustain the gains made over the years.

The Liberia Bus Project

Currently, the institution has introduced the Liberian Bus Project; an innovative means of getting young people to engage in the promotion of democracy. The Liberian Bus Project is dedicated to driving change, driving leaders and driving votes.

Partners and funders

NAYMOTE's activities have been implemented in collaboration and partnership with a variety of NGOs and government institutions, including the National Elections Commission, Federation of Liberian Youths, National Human Rights Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Governance Commission, and others such as the Ministry of Youths & Sports amongst others.

NAYMOTE’s donors have included the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, National Endowment for Democracy, United States Agency for International Development/DAI, ICCO-Netherlands, Trust Africa, National Democratic Institute and more.

Click here to read an update on the 2013 Youth Participation work of NAYMOTE (pdf)

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