Organisation for Peace, Reconciliation and Development Sierra Leone (OPARD-SL)

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OPARD-SL works to promote peace and development in Sierra Leone.
Last updated: November 2017

Organisation for Peace, Reconciliation and Development Sierra Leone (OPARD-SL) works to promote peace and development in Sierra Leone through collaborative efforts with both local and international organisations that share a common vision of consolidating peace in Sierra Leone. It is an indigenous voluntary nongovernmental organisation that was established in October 1999.

OPARD-SL's strategies for peace include peacemaking, peacebuilding and peace consolidation, through the methods of dialogue, facilitation and mediation. Their vision is to ensure a Sierra Leone society that upholds democratic values, good governance and human rights for all. The organisation's mission is to promote peace, human rights, democracy, good governance, and poverty alleviation for all.

Key objectives

  • To mobilise, organise and build the capacities of grassroots communities (especially women and youth) in rural Sierra Leone to undertake community self help projects in practical solidarity, cooperation and friendship to promote their livelihoods.
  • To empower socially, economically and politically unstable communities to be able to speak for themselves about their welfare and development through advocacy
  • To develop a culture of transparency revolution at grassroots level leadership to promote accountability.
  • To promote environmental sustainability in all livelihood activities within the communities,


  • OPARD-SL facilitated dialogue and mediated the peace process between Revolutionary United Front (RUF), UNAMSIL, ECOWAS, and the Sierra Leone Government. This effort has helped to rebuild the poor relationship between the RUF and UNAMSIL.
  • OPARD-SL facilitated the 8 December 2000 meeting between RUF and UNAMSIL. This meeting was a u-turn in the whole peace process which helped progress towards sustainable peace in Sierra Leone. This meeting was held at Robis Ferry junction between Mile 91 and Magburaka road where the peace monument is built.
  • OPARD-SL has facilitated the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of  45,000 ex-rebel fighters to their former communities.
  • OPARD-SL has facilitated the release of over 1,000 child combatants from the RUF.

OPARD-SL has a collaborative link with Search for Common Ground (Talking Drums Studios), Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) United States Embassy in Sierra Leone, Action Aid Sierra Leone, World Vision, UNDP and UNAMSIL.

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