Rodeemos el Diálogo (ReD)

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ReD is a trans-national initiative founded to show the support of civil society for the negotiations between the Colombian Government and the FARC.
Last updated: November 2019

Who are we?

We believe in the POWER OF DIALOGUE

Rodeemos el Diálogo (ReD) is a transnational network of Colombians and friends of Colombia, which emerged in the UK in September 2012, when peace talks between the Santos government and the FARC began, with the aim of raising public awareness of the importance of these talks, and of dialogue in general as the only constructive way to address conflict. First in the UK, and then throughout Colombia, ReD began to create spaces for dialogue to share information and analyse the evolution of negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas, towards Colombians, between 2012-2016.

As well as contributing to civil society support for the peace process from a non-partisan perspective, ReD has sought to build a culture of dialogue, a crucial aspect of peacebuilding. During the October 2016 Peace Plebiscite, ReD used 'peace pedagogy' to inform and raise awareness about the content of the Peace Agreement so that Colombians could make an informed decision when voting. When the plebiscite was narrowly lost, ReD participated in the social mobilization for peace that followed. Shortly thereafter, a revised agreement was signed, which began to be implemented in Colombia in December 2016.

Since then, ReD has supported peacebuilding efforts in Colombia by creating spaces for dialogue. We use dialogue to help Colombians develop a critical awareness and develop a distinctive voice for civil society support for peace. Our work has four objectives:

  • To understand developments in the implementation of the Peace Agreement.
  • To provide support and expertise in the negotiations with the ELN guerrilla group.
  • To promote reconciliation in various sectors of society.
  • To promote a culture of political dialogue in which different political positions can be discussed while respecting differences.

Rodeemos el Diálogo bases its activity on six principles: Respect to listen and value difference; generosity to share and contribute to the construction of a better country; honesty to rebuild trust; solidarity to put ourselves in the place of others; self-criticism to be willing to re-evaluate our positions and actions; and co-responsibility to understand that it is up to all of us to contribute to the creation of a better environment, from diversity.

In more than six years of experience working for peace in Colombia, we have developed approaches, concepts, principles and methodologies that allow us to generate dialogues that can educate, transform and empower. We believe that what we have learned in Colombia can contribute to building peaceful environments elsewhere.

ReD builds alliances with universities and organizations - governmental and non-governmental, social movements and public figures - to integrate them into an expression of active citizenship.

ReD is based in Colombia and the United Kingdom. In several countries it has held academic and cultural events and advocacy activities so that Colombians and friends of Colombia can be informed about the developments in the negotiations and implementation of the peace agreement. In Colombia it has a presence in Cali and Pasto.

Image credit: Rodeemos el Diálogo

Image credit: Rodeemos el Diálogo

For contact in Colombia write to and for contact in the UK write to

Find out more about Rodeemos el Diálogo here.

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