Resource Ecological Centre Zenica

This network of NGOs conducts peacebuilding workshops and youth exchanges, teaching people the importance of their shared environmental heritage in Bosnia.

Resource Ecological Centre Zenica is a network of 12 NGOs from across Bosnia-Herzegovina which works on environmental protection, education and peacebuilding through forms of non-formal education such as organising youth camps and workshops, and ecological awareness for the protection and preservation of the environment in the Zenica-Doboj region. They provide training, consultancy, and other forms of education, with the aim of creating a better quality of life for all citizens of this region.

The Heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina

'The Heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina' project aims to reconstruct several tourist attractions and sites in the Zenica-Doboj region which were destroyed during the Bosnian War. Through the post-war reconstruction of these sites the Resource Ecological Centre Zenica hopes to rebuild tourism and in turn boost the local economy by creating jobs for people from the surrounding rural areas. The project crosses ethnic divisions by uniting people around a common love of the environment and desire for a prosperous future; former enemies becoming business partners to work together in building a shared future.

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