South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP)

Based in Islamabad, the SACP aims to develop a network of peacebuilding organisations across the South Asia region. They also work on peace research and peace education.

The South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP) was established in 2009 to promote peace in South Asia. SACP is based in Islamabad and is establishing links with organisations across South Asia and in other parts of the world with the aim of establishing a network for peace in the region.

SACP's core projects include: peace research; peace education and training; human security and peace; South Asia Peace Magazine; and the South Asia Peace Ambassadors Program. The organisation published the inaugural issue of the South Asia Peace Magazine in February 2011.

SACP has been selected as the South Asia Chapter of the Children of the Earth (CoE) to coordinate the efforts of other CoE chapters in the region, and also to open more chapters with an intention to reach out to vulnerable children. The regional chapter in South Asia believes that such joint ventures between the CoE chapters will facilitate children and young people from different countries, religions and ethnicities to get to know more and more about others in the same region, and therefore the primary goal is to expand the horizons of the children of the region.

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