Sotsium Public Foundation

Sotsium is a Kyrgyzstan-based NGO offering support to those most vulnerable in society.

The Sotsium Public Union is a non- profit organization that was founded in 1998. The core aim of the NGO is to offer care and support to people living with aids, those who are drug-dependent and those facing addiction. It seeks to use the peacebuilding approach in a non-violent way to address community challenges and to avoid tension and conflict among the local population. The NGO also offers peacebuilding training through community dialogue and reconciliation forums as well as social workshops.

In 2012 the organization joined to the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network and the TB Europe Coalition (TBEC).

Since 1999, the organisation alongside government and non-government organisations has been involved in the advocacy of creating a non-discriminatory enabling environment for vulnerable people as well as protecting the the rights of these people. Sotsium is part of a wider group working on development programs targeting HIV, TB and harm reduction. 

 The NGO has focused on three main points:

  • protecting the rights of disadvantaged groups
  • development of non- discriminatory policy and implementation of this policy
  • peacebuilding through community dialogue and reconciliation forums as well as social cultural events.

International PartnersUSAID, UNDP, Open Society Institute, GIZ

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