West African Network for Peacebuilding - Cote d’Ivoire (WANEP-CI)

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WANEP-CI facilitates cooperation among civil society in Ivory Coast and West Africa by promoting the regular sharing of information, experiences and resources.
Last updated: December 2017

WANEP-CI was established in 2003 to help facilitate cooperation among the organisations and institutions of civil society in Ivory Coast and West Africa by promoting the regular sharing of information, experiences and resources on the problems of democracy, good governance, human rights, social justice, humanitarian action as well as prevention and conflict transformation.

WANEP-CI runs six main programmes:

  1. WANEP’s WARN programme provides accompaniment for the West African ECOWARN Early Warning conflict prevention programme, that monitors, collects and analyses indicators of conflict on a continuous basis to try and anticipate and mitigate problems before they escalate into direct conflict. Regular situation and incident reports are produced to inform policy makers on options for response as well as WANEP’s response strategies.
  2. WANEP-CI’s Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET) runs programmes for mobilising women and reinforcing their capacities through educational programmes, forums, conferences and training workshops that work on capacity building for victims of violence as well as women’s involvement in the electoral process. This programme seeks to increase the number of trained women practitioners in peacebuilding as trainers, researchers, mediators and advocates, as well as promoting mainstreaming of gender perspectives into peacebuilding and conflict prevention frameworks at community and national levels.
  3. The Justice Lens programme executed a mission to demonstrate that conflicts are related to the violation of human rights by running a series of capacity building activities to contextualise the early warning indicators of the WARN program. The program ran an evaluation of the Ivorian conflict with a delegation of civil society workers, as well as radio and television programs that invited leaders of civil society to talk about peacebuilding in coordination with the local RTI station.
  4. The Program of Democracy, Good Governance and Elections began in 2008 by establishing an observatory of the Ouagadougou political agreement and producing monthly reports and statements in major newspapers and on the internet, as well as providing deployment of at least 150 observers during the Presidential election.
  5. The Peace Education and the Rights of Children programme began in 2003 to help strengthen the non-violent actions in children and young people, encouraging them in their ability to resolve their own differences without adult intervention. Peace clubs were set up in several secondary and primary schools as a result.
  6. The Capacity Building programme began in 2003 to help build the capacity of civil society in Ivory Coast.


A report of one of one of WANEP's workshops is available here (French).

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