War Prevention Initiative

War Prevention Initiative informs and educates about viable alternatives to war and violence.

At the War Prevention Initiative we inform and educate about viable alternatives to war and violence.  Our mission is to advance the Global Peace System by supporting, developing and collaborating with peacebuilding efforts in all sectors of society.

We support development of effective strategies to convince Americans that the United States should not promote war, militarism or weapons proliferation, but rather embrace conflict resolution practices that have been shown to prevent, shorten, and eliminate war as viable alternatives to local, regional and global conflicts. We actively contribute to peace science and public scholarship on war prevention issues. We share information and resources with multiple constituencies in an understandable manner and provide evidence-based information on peace and conflict issues with immediately potential doable policy advice to public policy makers.

In 2016, we developed the Peace Science Digest to make peace and conflict research more accessible, understandable, and useful.Peace Science Digest  is a publication to make peace research accessible, understandable and useful. It is a beneficial link between the field’s academic community and its practitioners, the media, public policy-makers and other possible beneficiaries.


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