Youth Centre Vermont

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Youth Center Vermont is a youth association, established in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 to empower young people.
Last updated: November 2019

Youth Center „Vermont“  is established April 11th, 1993., with main goal to enrich cultural, educational  and economic aspect of young people in city Brčko and to answer increasing needs for constructive and creative contents, by war affected youth.

We exist for the purpose of strengthening community capacities so that through active participation and association through organizations and institutions, we can improve ourselves and the community through education, counseling and support. The focus of our work is to create opportunities for employment, strengthening of competences of young people, adoption an anti-corruption set of laws and measures for the purpose of employment. Over the past few years we gave special attention to the work of empowering our female citizens and other  groups of citizens on the very margins of society. Through education and maximum support to various civil society organizations, we work on their independence to become equal and productive members of society.

We work and create in special environment – which is filled with hard – working and positive individuals, inspired energies and precious experiences.  Passion for projects and commitment for our users guarantees that we will fulfill all aspects of problems and needs, and deliver additional services.

In support to organizations capacities testifies over 400 successfully realized projects, nearly 10 000 direct users, and at this moment 18 young employed people that work within offices established in district Brčko and city of Bijeljina.



  • Networking of non-governmental organizations and strengthening their capacities
  • Employment
  • Strengthening the role of women and marginalized groups
  • Fight against corruption
  • Work on improving living conditions of socially vulnerable categories


Youth Center „Vermont“ contributes to the strengthening of the capacities of young people and children, so that through active participation through organizations and institutions, improve ourselves and community through education, counseling and support.


 Active and motivated young people are community development initiators.


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