Youth Without Borders Organization for Development (YWBOD)

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Youth without Borders Organization for Development works to enable young people to play a positive role in social change.
Last updated: July 2015

Youth without Borders Organization for Development (YWBOD) is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organisation working on building the capacities of youth and empowering them to play significant and effective roles to bring about positive change. It started its work as a non-official youth initiative in 2011, then it was officially licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.


Developing and enhancing the role of youth everyday life to bring about a positive change for their future and for the country as a whole.


  • To connect youth with lands for sustainable development
  • To build youth's capacities and empower them to play an effective role in the community.
  • To engage youth in the developmental process in Yemen.
  • To monitor and document youth-related issues.
  • To deliver youth voices to the decision-makers and relevant stakeholders.

Programmes and Activities:

  • Training and building the capacities of young people to empower them to play effective roles in the political, social, economic and cultural life.
  • Establishing cooperation and experience-exchanging relationships with local and international partners, to provide young people with opportunities to gain experience in scientific, social, economic and cultural work.
  • Establishing voluntary youth networks to enhance the development process in the community.
  • Conducting research and studies concerned with youth issues in order to develop statistical information.
  • Providing youth with opportunities to participate in the development and decision-making processes.
  • Adopting youth initiatives and voluntary groups to empower and engage them in the development process.

jkjhk Youth Without Borders carries out projects to engage the youth of Yemen in the development process, such as a 'Youth Leadership Project' and a 'Self-dependent Youth' initiative. Image credit: Youth Without Borders

Previous Activities:

YWBOD started its activities in 2012 as a youth initiative, implementing a number of voluntary activities and awareness raising campaigns. Since its official registration, it has implemented the following activities and projects:

  • Youth Leadership Project - self-funded and in partnership with Youth Development Organization.
  • Observing the Rule of Law Violations Project - partially funded by USIP and in partnership with Youth Development Organization.
  • Connecting Youth with State and Endowment Lands for Economic Empowerment - funded by the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) and UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund, and implemented in partnership with Youth Development Organization (YDO).
  • Self-dependent Youth - funded by the Canadian Fund For Local Initiatives (CLFI).
  • Youth and Yemen’s National Dialogue Outcomes: Agents for change at a local level - funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with Saferwrold Organization.
  • Civil Voices Project - funded by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CLFI) and in partnership with Adwar Organization for Youth Development.
  • Small-projects for Youth and Women Project - funded by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CLFI) and in partnership with Siraj Organization for Development
YWBOD participated in the World Alliance of Regions for Peace (Peace Summit) in Seoul, South Korea from 17-19 September 2014.

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