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1.Putting stories front and centre

Much of the reporting on humanitarianism, development and conflict paints a bleak picture.

With our updated website, we are recommitting ourselves to bringing you the stories of what’s working around the world to prevent war and conflict.

Our articles, stories and case studies are now easier to find, and are a central pillar of our site.

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2.Get involved!

Small or big, there are many ways you can get involved and support Peace Insight.

We now have a dedicated section on our website with information on how you can collaborate with our team.

Contact our Editorial team, submit an organisation to our interactive map, or sign up for the latest articles on local peacebuilding.

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When we spoke with peacebuilders and practitioners about our site, many expressed a wish for more practical resources on local peacebuilding. So, we created toolkits, to provide concise and accessible guides on a particular topic, context or area of work. They share key information, insights or recommendations developed by our team.

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4.More accessible resources

We're working to make peacebuilding more accessible, and more sustainable.

Our resources provide in-depth research and analysis on local peacebuilding. Now, our publications, toolkits, case studies and mapping are easier to navigate, so you can find what you're looking for with ease.

Informed by the perspectives of local partners, networks and the Peace Direct team, all our content is now organised and filtered by theme and by location.

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5.Mapping peace globally

We profile the work of over 2,000 civil society peacebuilding initiatives around the world. Our database is regularly extended and kept up-to-date by our network of Local Peacebuilding Experts.

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